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Join us on a transformative mission to revolutionize the perception of health. Together, we shift from the static approach to the dynamic 'how fast' mindset, embracing the vibrant motion of life itself. Our purpose is to unlock the hidden potential within the human body by hacking its intricate inner dynamics. With our relentless innovation, we aim to push the boundaries of healthcare, empowering it to resonate with the miraculous rhythm of life.

ERI qlife - Cloud system for monitoring Health & Aging


ERI uniqueness

The uniqueness of the ERI system lies in its absolute distinctiveness from currently acquired data formats. Most conventional diagnostic devices and methods offer data in static forms, which provide answers to questions such as "what it look like" or "how much." The former includes imaging methods (like X-rays, CT, MRI, etc.), while the latter involves quantification through laboratory analyses. However, life and health are dynamic processes, and they represent life itself. By capturing the dynamics of all bodily processes with the help of AI, ERI unlocks a new source of data in health perspectives and introduces the third dimension the 'HOW FAST' mindset on health capturing the vibrant motion inherent in life itself.

Conventional methods: „what it looks like“, „how much“

ERI: records dynamics of processes „how fast“


Easy and quick health screening


1. Health Scanning


2. ERI AI Analysis


3. Health Report


Ultrasensitive antenna

records electric emissions of organs and tissues

Each organ emits a unique electric field which can be thought of as its electric signature. If an organ is not working properly, the electric emission changes! This means we can use this electrical language to identify whether the organ is healthy or not.


Digitized signal

is sent to the ERI Cloud Software

The ERI software contains a database of more then million spectral dynamic markers – each representing digitized information about a particular organ in a healthy state. ERI software compares patien´t markers with reference markers from the database and immediately provides information about the main deviations representing hidden or manifested pathology.


Artificial Intelligence

analysing data

ERI is self-learning software that leverages the technique of big data analysis to continuously learn and improve its performance. This means that the more patient data is accumulated the more accurate are the outcomes of the screening. Currently, there are approximately 22 million scans recorded in the cloud from more than 3 million patients and 4,700 users of the ERI system: a huge source of information for AI to analyse, learn and provide accurate results.


Why use ERI?

It takes just 40 seconds

The whole process takes just 40 seconds. Checking your health status has never been easier.

Anywhere. Any time

The ultrasensitive antenna is very small (like a very small cell phone) so you can take it anywhere with you.

Non-invasive analysis

The device uses passive detection, which means it detects only naturally accruing electric fields emitted by any object. ERI acts only as a passive antenna, thus not interfering with or altering vital processes in a person’s body.

Downloadable to any computer

ERI is cloud-based software. It is possible to download the analytical software into any computer.

Guide for a healthy lifestyle

ERI recommends vitamins, microelements, food, specifies allergens and others. These tips help you to stay healthy.

Save time for patients and doctors

The patient does not need to visit the doctor physically – ERI allows remote screening and examination by the doctor. The patients' versions of ERI enable the patient to screen their health condition in their own home.



Sports fans world-wide

1 billion

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Sports fans world-wide

1 billion

Betting and fantasy sports cap

1 trillion

Sports events market cap

80 billion

Benefits of ERI

ERI for patients

  • New source of information about personal health condition
  • Empowers patients to take responsibility for their health
  • Prevention - ERI discovers early stages of disease
  • Mobility - ERI device is portable - the patient can carry it at all times
  • Speed - results for the patient's health condition are obtained within 40 seconds
  • Remote health monitoring – ERI enables remote monitoring of patients due to SW being located in the cloud

Benefits of ERI

ERI for doctors

  • A new source of information about patients' health
  • Reveals main cause of pathology and hidden pathologies
  • Detects pathogens - information about toxic load and identification of pathogens
  • Minimises misdiagnoses
  • Causality between main cause and manifested pathology
  • ERI is a complementary tool to current examination methods

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